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Product Name: Sight

Product model: 3-9x40

The origin of sight, or optical sight, is difficult to prove. It is said that at least in Europe in the 16th century, some people have tried to fix eyeglass lenses on rifle butts. According to written records, before the 19th century, there were telescopic aiming devices on firearms, which could be used for aiming under low light conditions. Sights can be divided into holographic sights, inner red and green dot sights and laser sights.

Origin of Sight

By the 1840s, some US gun mechanics began to manufacture guns with optical aiming devices. In 1848, Morgan James of New York State designed a tubular aiming device with the same length as the barrel. The rear half of the device is equipped with a glass lens and has two cross lines for aiming. Later, similar aiming devices were used in the American Civil War. However, the sight with real practical value was born in 1904, developed by Carl Zeiss of Germany and used in the First World War. In the Second World War, the sight began to mature.

Sight classification

Up to now, sights are mainly divided into the following three categories: Telescopic sight, Collimating optical sight and Reflex sight. Among them, telescopic sight and reflective sight are the most popular.

The above two types of sights are mainly used during the day, so they are also collectively referred to as the day scope/sight. In addition, there are night scope/sight for night aiming. Night vision devices are added to the above two types of sights. According to the types of night vision devices, they can be divided into low-light level sights and infrared sights (which can also be subdivided into active infrared and thermal imaging types).

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