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Detailed Explanation of Operation Methods of Laser Range Finder

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Detailed Explanation of Operation Methods of Laser Range Finder

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Detailed Explanation of Operation Methods of Laser Range Finder

Laser rangefinders generally use two methods to measure distance: pulse method and phase method.

The process of pulse ranging is as follows: the laser emitted by the rangefinder is reflected by the measured object and then received by the rangefinder, and the rangefinder records the reciprocating time of the laser together. Half of the product of the speed of light and the reciprocating time is the distance between the rangefinder and the measured object.

The accuracy of measuring distance by pulse method is generally about+/-1m. Other, the blind area of this kind of rangefinder is generally about 15 meters.

How to Use Range Finder;

1. Arrange instruments

The theodolite shall be arranged on the measuring station first. After centering and leveling, the main equipment of the rangefinder shall be placed on the theodolite bracket, locked with the coupling fixing screw, and the battery shall be inserted into the bottom of the main equipment and fastened. Arrange reflecting prisms at policy points, center and level, and make the mirror face toward the host.

2. Observation of vertical angle, air temperature and air pressure

The center of the target plate is aligned with the cross traverse of the theodolite, and the vertical angle α is measured. Together, observe and record temperature and barometer readings. The purpose of observing vertical angle, air temperature and air pressure is to correct the inclination, temperature and air pressure of the inclination distance measured by the distance meter to obtain the correct horizontal distance.

3. Ranging preparation

Press the power key " PWR" to turn on the machine. The host will self-check and flash the original set temperature, air pressure and prism constant values. After self-check, the " good" will flash back.

If the original set value is corrected, the temperature, air pressure value or prism constant can be input after pressing the " TPC" key (generally input one by one through the " ENT" key and numeric keys). In general, only the same type of reflector needs to be used, the prism constant is not changed, and the temperature and air pressure may be different for each observation, so it needs to be set from scratch.

4. Distance Measurement

Dispatch the horizontal adjustment handwheel (or theodolite horizontal jog spiral) of the sighting axis of the main engine and the pitch jog spiral of the main engine so that the rangefinder telescope can accurately aim at the prism center. Under the condition of flashing " good", accurate aiming can also be judged according to the sound and movement of the buzzer. the stronger the signal, the greater the sound and movement. the upper, lower, left and right micro range finders make the sound and movement of the buzzer maximum, and then the accurate aiming is finished and " *" appears.

Application Field of Laser Range Finder

Laser rangefinder has been widely used in the following fields: electricity, water conservancy, communications, environment, construction, geology, police, fire fighting, blasting, sail sea, railway, anti-terrorism/military, agriculture, forestry, real estate, leisure/field sports, etc.

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Address: No.79-1 Tiansheng Road, Beibei District, Chongqing, China 400700.



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