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OLED laser rangefinder 1004A

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OLED laser rangefinder 1004A

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Product Name: OLED Laser Range Finder

Product model: 1004A 


I. brief introduction:

OLED High Precision Laser Range Finder is a portable laser range finder with high precision. It combines the functions of telescope and laser range finder. It is characterized by high efficiency, small size and portability. It is a flexible tool to meet your measurement needs:

This product uses an excellent optical system to observe the object clearly and measure its distance accurately. Due to the use of advanced transparent OLED display, the rangefinder can be used at night and in poor visibility environment.

The laser range finder adopts a high-precision circuit measurement system, which can provide you with more accurate data measurement.

Design and manufacture of waterproof structure; The product is more suitable for field and complex environment.

The selection of two functions meets the requirements of distance measurement or speed measurement (this machine does not have speed measurement function).

Comply with FDA standards in the United States and CE standards in Europe.

The connecting thread of the foot rest at the bottom can provide you with more professional measurement.

This product does not need cooperative targets for ranging, and can range any target. Widely used in electricity, water conservancy, communications, environment, construction, geology, police, fire fighting, blasting, navigation, railway, anti-terrorism/military, agriculture, forestry, real estate, leisure/outdoor sports, etc. It is a good helper to improve work efficiency and quality of field activities.


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