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Data transmission range finder

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Data transmission range finder

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Product Name: Data Transmission Range Finder

Product model: 1002B

I. Communication Hardware

The data transmission range finder uses RS232 communication format for data transmission. The range finder has built-in level conversion chip circuit, and the input and output signals can be directly connected with the standard serial port of PC computer. A total of 3 signal lines are led out, namely RXD (receive), TXD (transmit) and GND (ground). The maximum transmission distance can reach 50m.

Second, instruction sending

The baud rate of communication is fixed at 9600 bps (except those customized by the customer), and the number of data bits is fixed at 8 data bits+1 stop bit without check bit. The communication protocol format is:

All data are of HEX format, in which the high and low data bits represent distance data in BCD code form, and the data unit is fixed to m. for example, 582m is obtained from ranging, the rangefinder will issue an instruction as follows: " 0xDA 0x05 0x82 0xEE", " 0x" represents hexadecimal data, and if the ranging misses, it will send: " 0xDA 0x00 0x00 0xEE".

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