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Waterproof telescope

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Waterproof telescope

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Product Name: Waterproof Telescope

Product model: 1004A I. Use of Products

The multifunctional laser angle measuring and distance measuring instrument is a portable photoelectric instrument with telescope and laser angle measuring and distance measuring, which integrates the functions of telescope, laser distance measuring and angle measuring, and is mainly manifested in two aspects:

1. While observing the object clearly, the distance of the fixed object within a certain range can be measured. It has the advantages of high ranging accuracy, short ranging time, intuitive distance display, low power consumption and automatic power failure.

2. The multifunctional laser angle measuring and distance measuring instrument integrates the latest technology and realizes the measurement function of target distance and angle at the same time. At the same time of obtaining the target distance, the included angle (elevation angle+depression angle-), relative height and horizontal distance between the line connecting the telescope to the target point and the ground plane can also be displayed.

The laser emission power of the instrument is small and is safe for human eyes. No cooperative target is needed, and any target can be ranging. Small volume, light weight, easy to carry. The CR2-3V battery is used for power supply in the machine, which is convenient to purchase and replace.

The waterproof structure is designed and manufactured, and the products meet the requirements of field use.

Ranging telescope is widely used in tourism, watching sports competitions, golf courses, field hunting, camping, mountaineering, outdoor outings and other sports venues, and is a good helper to improve the quality of field activities and measure the target distance.

Item No.: ATC1003D


Measure Range5-400,500,600,800,1000mPin Seeker FunctionAvailable
Scanning FunctionAvailableMagnification6x
Objective Lens Dia.24mmAccuracy±0.3M(Y)±0.2%
Laser Type
905nm laser FDA class 1DisplayLCD
Display UnitM/YBattery(Not included)CR2-3V
Net Weight207gDimensions104.3x72.8x42.1mm






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