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Multifunctional laser goniometer

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Multifunctional laser goniometer

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Product name: multifunctional laser goniometer

Product model: 1003A black

I. Use of Products

Laser Range Finder and Velocity Finder Telescope (hereinafter referred to as Range Finder and Velocity Finder Telescope) is a portable photoelectric instrument that combines the functions of telescope, laser range finder and laser velocity finder. It is mainly manifested in two aspects:

1. While observing objects clearly, the distance between fixed and slow moving objects within a certain range can be measured. It has the advantages of high ranging accuracy, short ranging time, intuitive distance display, low power consumption and automatic power failure.

2. The speed of a moving object can be measured while the fast moving object is clearly observed.

The laser emission power of the instrument is small and is safe for human eyes. No cooperative target is needed, and any target can be ranging. The instrument is small in size, light in weight and easy to carry. The CR2-3V battery is used for power supply in the machine, which is convenient to purchase and replace.

Ranging and speed measuring telescopes are widely used for sightseeing, watching sports competitions, golf courses, field hunting, camping, mountaineering, outdoor outings and other sports venues, and are good helpers for improving the quality of field activities and measuring the distance and speed of targets.

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