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  • Product Name: 1003A with RS232 Communication
  • Product ID: 1003A
  • Published Time: 2014-10-18
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Data-transmission Range Finder

I Communication Hardware
With the level translator chip built inside, the data-transmission range finder makes use of the RS232 communication format to transfer data, directly transferring signal between the range finder and PC through serial connection. Three lines are protruded from the range finder, which respectively are RXD(receive data line), TXD(transmit data line) and GND(ground line). The length of these lines is 50m.

II Transmitting instruction
The fixed communication baud rate is 9600bps, (customized product excluded), and the fixed number of data bits includes 8 data bits, plus 1 stop bit, without check bit. The communication protocol format is in the following:

Prefix High data bit Low data bit Suffix

All the data are displayed in HEX format. Among them, the high data bit and low data bit present distance (the unit of the distance is meter) in BCD code form. For example, for the distance of 582m, the instruction received from the range finder is: "0xDA 0x05 0x82 0xEE". "0x" indicates hexadecimal data. If the range finder fails to measure the distance, the instruction would be:" 0xDA 0x00 0x00 0xEE.

III Receiving Instruction
Some customized range finder occupies instruction receiving function. When the upper computer issues single-byte instruction in the form of "0x0B", the range finder is triggered to do one-time measuring. Similarly, issuing consecutive instructions in the upper computer will trigger the range finder to conduct consecutive range measuring, at the same time, to transmit these data to the upper computer.

IV Communication Software for the Upper Computer
Customers can download such communication software from Internet, or ask our company to provide.