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  • Product Name: Laser Rangefinder with Speed
  • Product ID: 1003C white
  • Published Time: 2013-09-10
  • Views : 80



The laser range and speed finder monocular is a portable optoelectronic device integrating a laser range finder, a laser speed finder and a monocular in one. With great clearness of view, it can measure the distance of stationary or slowly moving objects within a certain range. It also can measure the speed of fast moving object. It possesses many advantages, such as a high accuracy, short measuring time, low power consumption and automatic shut-off etc. It is compact, accurate in measure, light in weight, and very easy to operate and carry about.
The laser range and speed finder monocular is widely used for travel, sightseeing, golf sports, hunting, camping as well as for any measurement of outdoor projects. It is a very good assistant to improve our outdoor life quality.





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