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  • Product Name: Multi-functional Golf Laser Rangefinder with external LCD
  • Product ID: 1005 LG011
  • Published Time: 2015-02-06
  • Views : 89


Multi-functional golf laser range finder monocular is a portable optoelectronic device integrated with golf laser range finder, angle finder and monocular.The functions as below:
1.1. With great clearness, the rangefinder helps you observe objects and measure the distance. In addition, it can identify small objects (such as flag sticks) from background targets (like trees or bushes) and lock the flagpole accurately in golf playing.
1.2. The rangefinder can simultaneously measure the distance and angle between user and the target, displaying the angle, horizontal distance and height on the built-in LCD and external LCD.
1.3. The rangefinder can measure distance in a short time with high accuracy. With low power consumption, it can automatically shut off. In compact design, it is convenient to carry about and easy to operate with . This device can be widely used in golf sports, hunting, camping, watching games and etc.





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